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About Us


Welcome to Zuraiq for Business

Zuraiq for Business is a leading real estate company that offers services like Contracting and Construction, Interior design and painting, Real estate brokerage, Export-import goods & Tourism Services. We work at the highest levels of accuracy and quality. Moreover, we also offer you the services of buying, selling, investment and estimation of the real estate.

What more!! As the contracting company, we fully equip the house of your dreams, done by the highly experienced staff and superior work quality. We chose for you the best and tested types of international materials which are well known for its quality and durability with guarantees, ( managed by experienced Omani’s).

Our Values

We believe that the values of the company are not only important, but the culmination of the overall success of any company, regardless of size or number of employees. The founders of this company have spent a great deal of time and effort to define the company’s ethics and code of conduct not only to build a successful company but to build a company with a strong link with the community and the surrounding environment.

Why us?


Work at the highest professional level while taking care of the optimal recruitment of possibilities.


Make the best effort to achieve the best results and bear the consequences of responsibility and accept accounting.


To fulfill the rights and obligations and to deal with all on the basis of justice and mutual trust.


Respect the rules and rules of work and realize the importance of time and principles of management and punctuality.


Documentation of all contracts with a law firm to ensure rights.

What distinguishes us

We Strive of today... To rest tomorrow

We have a variety of activities in order to offer integrated customer services. In each of our areas we strive to find the best products and offer them at a reasonable price for all. We always listen to the wishes of our customers. With years of experience, we have achieved a reputation and dedicated work. Distinguishing us from others, so we are happy to contact you to meet your wishes, what you will find attached is the tip of our iceberg ..