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Zuraiq Services


Contracting and construction services for residential and commercial buildings

We execute all the private and governmental construction works, residential and commercial buildings, streets, bridges, and other infrastructure works.
We are committed to all levels of construction project, from preparation of construction to construction management services. For many years, we have managed to meet the demands of our customers for great cost and responsive services.


Interior design and Decoration works

We create unique luxurious interior designs that combine the ability to fulfill the tasks
Functionality while ensuring a comfortable space for movement.

Our highly experienced interior decorators team seeks, through careful and distinguished planning, to meet the client's requirements in a suitable timeframe, within the limits of the allocated budget, while ensuring quality.

We are experts in the field of interior designs for residential, commercial, service and healthcare projects.


Real estate brokerage services

We offer you all the services of buying, selling and valuing real estate. Our company has obtained the best rating for real estate estimation in most Omani banks.
We offer leading solutions in real estate sales, real estate leasing, property management and real estate development with proven track record to increase property value and effectively manage the owner’s real estate portfolio. Our specialist teams focus on providing excellent services while adhering to our core values ​​of communication, commitment and trust. Our business approach is based on the best advertising and marketing techniques. We provide market analysis and research to help showcase the situation and promote your facility to its full potential.


Export and import of building materials of all kinds, vegetables, fruits and nuts of all kinds

We import and export all building materials, vegetables, fruits and nuts of all kinds, and our relations extend to more than 25 countries.


Tourism services in the field of tourism in the Sultanate of Oman (Organizing tourist trips)

We provide services to organize tourist trips all over the Sultanate of Oman with car services with the driver, car rental, sea and desert trips.

Why us?


Work at the highest professional level while taking care of the optimal recruitment of possibilities.


Make the best effort to achieve the best results and bear the consequences of responsibility and accept accounting.


To fulfill the rights and obligations and to deal with all on the basis of justice and mutual trust.


Respect the rules and rules of work and realize the importance of time and principles of management and punctuality.